In an uncertain and ambiguous environment, your capacity to adapt is critical. This goes well beyond design; it is about organisational transformation. LTA People discovers what really makes your organisation tick and how you can deliver to your customers with agility and quality.

Our approach

Whether implementing a new operating model, re-aligning the business around customer experience or optimising the existing structure to drive greater efficiencies, LTA designs the most effective social and work systems to transform your organisation.

We tailor evidence-based tools and techniques to your organisation, from assessing work complexity using a Requisite Organisation lens, applying key change management principles from the PROSCi methodology, or applying Agile or Lean methodologies.

Organisational transformation

Discover: In asking ‘what value do you deliver to your end-user?’ and ‘what do you need to excel at?’ we gain clarity on your purpose and what levers are critical to the strategy we create together. These discovery points allow us to leverage your unique values and differentiators then weave them into your new operating model.

Create: We create more effective organisational systems to deliver value in your business. Whether facilitating growth, innovation, customer-centricity or operational efficiencies, we work closely with the teams and leaders who understand the work to shape the way work should be designed for the future.

Embed: With LTA’s support, your team can embed the new organisational design over time. Our expertise, coaching and facilitation, plus our in-depth tools, help teams and individuals realise the potential of the new model and find new ways of working. As we embed this new model, our agile design integrates with other organisational initiatives to keep your strategy responsive and dynamic.

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