Leaders shape your culture every moment, every day. Through conversations, behaviours and decisions, leaders create the culture that supports your vision and business strategy. 

Our approach

LTA People sees leadership not as an entitlement defined by hierarchy, but a way of being that exists within a human system. Our approach to developing leadership capability is two-fold: we focus on building the capability of each individual leader and we also build the capacity of leaders to lead collectively as a group.

Bespoke leadership solutions

LTA’s tailored leadership development programs build capability for your future success. We provide a clear view of what great leadership looks like for your organisation, set clear expectations for leaders, and then build their capacity to deliver.

Discover: We start from your context, strategy, values and business priorities and delve deeply to understand the key changes you are looking to make through leadership. We help you define your measures of success and how you will track change over time.  

Design: Our longitudinal, multi-faceted development programs allow leaders to learn from experience. Leaders practice new skills and ways of being in a supportive environment with real-time feedback from facilitators and peers. Our solutions incorporate a diverse range of learning methodologies including innovative strategies such as Leadership Coaching Circles and Habit Builder. 

Deliver: Engaging learner experiences coupled with rigorous program execution provides lasting impact – from small groups of leaders to enterprise-wide deployment.  We track behavioural change over time and build our findings into the fabric of your People and Culture processes. This ensures you leverage the value of your leadership development investment.

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