Our impact

Taking leadership and talent management to the next level

Organisation wide collaboration results in strong engagement and ownership.

The Challenge

LTA was engaged by a semi government agency based in Victoria to identify and articulate their leadership and talent capabilities and develop the mechanisms to support them. The client had an inclusive culture and wanted to understand the talent and capability of the entire organisation not just their ‘elite/high potential’ group.

Our Approach

We partnered with the HR team and Executive Leadership Team over a 12 month period to design and develop a leadership capability framework and associated behavioural descriptors, leadership pathways, success profiles, talent management framework, talent review process and talent conversations model. To ensure the output was reflective of the entire organisation, we adopted a collaborative approach consulting to over 100 people in the development of the project. We then supported the local HR teams to broaden the consultation further within the organisation.

The Impact

This project has set the benchmark for great change management within the client organisation. Our extensive collaboration across the organisation has resulted in solid ownership of the frameworks and a strong pull for them to be used.  The organisation now has a platform for talent, development and career conversations which is simple, easy to use and feels ‘built and owned’ by them – reflecting their unique role and place in the Victorian community.

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