Our impact

Developing globally consistent leadership bench strength

Award-winning bespoke team leader development program for leading Australian bank rolled out globally.

The Challenge

LTA partnered with one of the top 4 leading Australian banks to build, pilot and train internal facilitators to deliver a bespoke program for team leaders (supervisor level) to be rolled out globally as part of their three-phase, multidimensional Leadership Pathway program.

Our Approach

Following an in-depth discovery process with a sample of global participants and senior managers, LTA designed and developed a longitudinal program including all program materials (participant materials, facilitator guides, runsheets, slide packs and activities). We facilitated the delivery of the pilot program in multiple locations across Australia and Asia and then conducted Train the Trainer sessions for internal facilitators.

The Impact

The Team Leader program has proven to be robust over time, delivering value to both individual leaders and the organisation. Three years after the initial rollout, the bank reported that internal leader appointments increased 58 per cent, resulting in recruitment cost savings equating to 62 per cent of the total program investment. Since then, thousands of leaders have been through the internally run program, and their feedback is consistently positive, with key concepts and models informing their leadership practice.

Our client received international recognition by Bersin (a subsidiary of Deloitte) in the 2013 Bersin WhatWorks® awards, including an award in the category of ‘Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders’ for their work in developing and implementing a ‘globally consistent suite of bespoke flagship learning programs for each leader level’.

“The robust blended design of the Team Leader Development Program has continued to meet the needs of our learners and sets the standard for our leadership development from the first step in the journey.”


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