Action Lab® addresses the real, thorny issue of solving business problems.

At Action Lab® a team of key employees solve an actual task of strategic importance to the business, and at the same time go through a process of intensive and focused development. Established across 13 countries, and now in Australia with LTA, Action Lab® is an intensive, tailor-made program that is highly relevant in most business contexts.

What is Action Lab®?

‘Learning how to learn by doing,’ rather than teaching facts, is a central approach of Action Lab®.

Using three types of delivery: Intensive (1 week), Condensed (6 weeks) and Classic (4-5 months) Action Lab® unites the best and brightest minds to work on their biggest business challenges.  Action Lab® provides:

  • Accelerated business understanding as well as professional and personal development
  • Innovative business solutions based on actual strategic challenges
  • Real-life testing of strategic potential in selected individuals
  • Improved cross-functional understanding and teamwork

How do people and business benefit from Action Lab®?

Action Lab® provides a structured framework that enables creative thinking, which leads to unique organisational learning and business solutions. All learning is centred on the need to find an innovative solution to a real life problem or opportunity. ‘Action learning’ is a highly visible and empowering process, and participants strongly take responsibility for their own learning. Over time, businesses find this builds learning and innovation into their organisation’s DNA.

Action Lab® program structure

A team normally consists of 6-8 participants. Each team is given a high priority business challenge defined by senior management; the results are evaluated by senior management at the end of the Action Lab®, as well as individual follow up with coaches.

Action Lab Intensive
Duration: 5 whole days plus individual follow up.

Teams build an enhanced understanding of the complexity of their business, and participants look at business challenges from new perspectives. The week-long program concludes with a presentation to management based on data collection and insights during the week. The group will recommend one or two alternatives for further decision or investigation. Each individual receives detailed feedback from our experienced Action Lab coaches.

Action Lab Classic or Condensed
Duration: Classic 4-5 months (part-time), or Condensed 3 + 3 days plus individual follow up.

The focus of Action Lab® Classic or Condensed is the same as Intensive, with a longer timeframe and detailed analysis and written recommendations required. After the Action Lab® course is complete, management receives an 8-page executive report in advance, followed by findings presented by participants. The report includes recommendation(s) based on an in-depth analysis of the challenge, plus extensive data from multiple sources.

Organisations experience a fresh perspective that cuts through red tape and barriers. Individuals gain profound strategic business understanding and experience accelerated personal and professional learning. Each individual receives a follow-up: individual debriefing and detailed feedback from our experienced Action Lab® coaches, which feed into the participants’ ongoing development plan.

About Action Lab® and LTA

Action Lab® is a Denmark-based organisation that pioneered this global program over 13 years ago. LTA is the sole licensee of the Action Lab® program in Australia, and we are proud to bring this intensely engaging, challenging, and innovative program to Australian organisations. 

Action Lab® bookings

Book your organisation in for the Action Lab® program today. Register your interest here or call 61 3 9602 1270 to book in your high potentials.

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