The Adaptive HR Professional: A Crowdsourced Solution

Many of us would have seen the Corporate Executive Boards 2014 research report* which identified three themes reshaping HR, including the drive to transform the HR function by moving beyond HR support to HR insight

We also probably remember seeing some of the statistics quoted in the report which show effective HR Business Partners can significantly increase employee performance, retention, revenue and profit growth but that sadly, less than 20% of HR Business Partners are viewed as strategically effective.

No longer is it enough for HR professionals to be better and better at what they’ve always done.  The business context now demands a paradigm shift in HR contribution - driving a need for more adaptable, agile and innovative thinking.  

In response to this need, we’ve collaborated with some great thinkers our clients who are senior HR professionals across industries - to crowdsource a solution which supports this paradigm shift in HR professionals.  The end result, Adaptive HR the skills of HR for today and beyond is a program uniquely aligned to the real and changing needs of HR professionals.  This flexible, modular offering includes a foundational module on Business Partnering for Success and 4 optional electives Developing HR strategy, Becoming a Talent Advisor, Building Line Manager Capability, and Shaping Organisational Culture.  The program is being offered as a tailored in-house solution in your organisation or a public workshop. Learn more about the Adaptive HR program here.

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