Surviving the silly season - LTAs top ten tips

With the silly season upon us, the social calendar gets busy, the shopping lists get long and we can lose sight of what this time is really about – taking time out, connecting with loved ones and finding our balance.

Prioritise your mind, body and soul with these ten tips to get you through just right.

TIP #1 - Have fun, it is the silly season after all. Consciously create space and keep a peaceful mindset to enjoy the most from each day. Laughter helps you to find enjoyment in the moment and also releases endorphins.

TIP #2 - Manage your food choices and intake.  Have a small meal before leaving home so you don’t arrive at your party hungry. Hunger influences our food choices steering our hands to reach for fat and sugar dense foods. Consider a pre-party green smoothie high in fibre and nutrients to keep you on track.

TIP #3 – Set yourself an alcohol limit and keep hydrated. Hangovers are mainly caused by dehydration. Order a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage and alternate between drinks. Know your tipping point and go for a soda lime without the vodka.

TIP #4 - Get out and exercise. Look for opportunities to keep moving (and the dance floor at doesn’t really count). Even a quick walk around the block with the dog or the kids can kick start your metabolism and keep the stress levels down.

TIP #5 – Hit the reset button. Mix up the fun with some rest and reflection. Consider your last year and your achievements – What are you pleased with? What have you learned? Prioritise some downtime just for you to recharge your batteries for the new work year. Block out the world, be in the moment and enjoy.

TIP #6 – Write a ‘things I am grateful for’ list. Before you write any other type of list, reflect on all the things you are grateful for. There is a clear link between gratitude and happiness, so taking just a few moments to be grateful can lift your spirits in extraordinary ways.

TIP #7 – Don’t blow the budget. Manage feelings of pressure to buy expensive gifts and show your love in different ways. Set a gift budget and give yourself a good financial start for 2015.

TIP #8 – Follow the 80/20 rule. Be realistic with your promises. Allow yourself to have some indulgence over the holiday season. If you do fracture a promise or two, be kind to yourself and manage feelings of guilt and stress.

TIP #9 - Manage your energy levels. Prioritise your sleep and limit the number of late nights. Tiredness can lead to overeating, sugar cravings and short tempers.

TIP #10– Have it all, but have it all in moderation. Know your limits to keep the fun alive.

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