Getting Traction through Goal Setting

How do you create sticky goals, ones which have traction and result in real change? 

At this time of the year we often find our clients working on goal setting whether they be personal or professional goals for themselves, or performance goals for their team members.  Here are our top hints and tips based on our years of goal-based coaching.

  • Just do it yes, the old adage is so true.  The most important aspect of goal setting is to do it.  We have never ceased to be amazed by the action and results that follow after a person has the courage to set, and commit to, a real and meaningful goal.
  • Goal setting is all about focusing on the what and why without getting too hung up on the how. In our experience, the what and the why provides the necessary motivation and impetus for action for most professionals. 
  • Keep it simple a good goal is concise and can easily be remembered and repeated. 
  • Ask yourself  what does success look like?  Contrary to popular belief the measure does not always have to be quantitative.  It can be as simple as you feeling that things have significantly changed ultimately, you can never lie to yourself.
  • 6 months is a good timeframe for a goal.  This gives enough time to take action and develop new behaviour.  It can be difficult to stay focused for significantly longer timeframes.
  • Ask yourself out of 10 how committed am I to this goal?  If you score yourself less than 9, then modify your goal or find a goal that you are more committed to.
  • Give it a go and have some fun trying something new ultimately the true value of goal setting is about the journey and not the destination.
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