LTA partners are global leaders in their areas of expertise 

Our partners’ leading thinking and tools enable LTA to provide independent approaches and methods to our clients.

In this way, LTA clients can access the broadest range of possible approaches. We can collaborate with external organisations selected by our clients, and also integrate methods with our carefully selected partners. This provides agility, flexibility, and independence in our leadership and talent solutions.

Some of our partners include:

People Shaping Organisations

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Work and Life Journeys

I recently came across two interesting references  that got me thinking and reflecting.  Firstly The Four Journeys of the Leader, by Prof Gillian Stamp  and The Great Life Redesign, by Caroline  Cameron. Now I may be showing my age, however, I have been giving a lot of thought lately to where I have been, where I am, and where I am going in life.  I guess this is why they call it mid-life.  My first conscious memory of some one else describing me as being in midlife was when I was 33 years old.  Whilst I resented a 21 year old seeing me in that way (thanks Neil),... More...