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David Gunzburg

Facilitator and Coach

David has worked in the field of Human Resources for more than 30 years. His career has involved him in a number of industries and he has worked in senior HR roles with a select group of major Australian corporations.

His work assignments have seen him based in both Australia and South East Asia and has had significant exposure to operations elsewhere around the world. He has extensive experience in the Mining, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Heavy Engineering and Health Services industries.  David is comfortable both around the executive table and also on-site at a major construction project.

David has a deep knowledge of organisational culture, leadership and change and combines this with many years of practical knowledge and application.  In David’s view the best organisations are those which align the behaviours and skills of employees at all levels of the business with the organisation’s business strategy, and then create a culture and environment which allows people to get on with their jobs.

David’s main fields of work include Leadership Development and Coaching, Organisation Structure and Culture, Strategy Facilitation and Change Management.

David is accredited in a number of psychometric tools including the Four Rooms of Change®, Organisational Barometer, Personal Dialectics, MBTI, FIRO-B, and the CCL Benchmarks  ® 360 degree feedback suite (Center for Creative Leadership).

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