LTA People

Felicity Marsan

Team Coordinator

In her role as Team Coordinator at LTA People, Felicity’s primary focus is to support the LTA People Partners and team to enable the efficient running of the business and ensure superior service is delivered to our clients at all times.  Felicity works closely with LTA’s consultants and clients to coordinate leadership development, talent assessment and consulting projects.

Felicity has a strong background in Administration and Project Coordination, having worked as a high level Executive Assistant for over twenty years across a range of industries.   Felicity is a versatile professional adept at managing multiple projects, providing exceptional support and streamlining office operations and processes to maximise productivity.  She loves to organise people, conferences and events and thrives on a logistical challenge.  

Felicity enjoys working as part of a team and is keen to explore her interest in people leadership and organisational culture.  She was drawn to LTA People because of their collaborative approach to their clients, the suite of products they offer and her interest in exploring this field further.  Felicity is a customer focussed individual who loves learning and creating positive impressions and outcomes for both internal and external stakeholders.


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A Systemic Approach to Improving Organisational Wellbeing

Research shows that the connection between individual and organisational wellbeing is undeniable, and more to the point, extremely relevant to organisational performance.  

Did you know that the annual per-person cost of lost productivity for employee sickness varies markedly depending on whether an employee is thriving, struggling or suffering?  According to research by Gallup, the cost associated with sickness for those in the 'thriving zone' of wellbeing is $840 per year, those in the 'struggling zone' is $6,168 per year whilst for those in the 'suffering zone' the figure... More...