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Adrienne Evans

Senior Consultant

Adrienne has been working in the Organisation Development and Talent Management industry for over 15 years with a strong passion for improving organisation performance through the design, development and delivery of people systems and processes that make organisations a great place to work. When Adrienne works with clients she likes to consider the client issues as part of the greater organisation system to ensure solutions are sustainable and integrated with the business.  

Specifically Adrienne has extensive experience working as a consultant, facilitator and coach across a range of individual and group talent management consulting services. Working across career transition, career development, change management, team development and leadership coaching to name a few. She is accredited in the CEB suite of assessment tools and the Birkman Method which she applies to relevant solutions. Adrienne loves to facilitate, educate and influence learning through development programs and brings a high level of energy to this role, always receiving positive feedback from her clients.

During the course of her consulting career Adrienne has had the opportunity to work with many varied clients ranging from local Government organisations to large Multi-Nationals and International organisations across industry sectors.

Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, where her thesis explored the impact of economic downturn on women’s progression in leadership.  She also holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and Frontline Management.

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Do good leaders have more than one style?

In this recent HBR blogpost, Herminia Ibarra, professor of organisational behaviour at Insead, commented on the two different "rhetorics" about leadership which have coexisted since the global financial crisis in 2008 one which is decisive and crisis-oriented compared to one which is more collaborative and inclusive. She observes that we seem to have settled on a solution not "either/or" but "yes/and" where the new leader can and must both command and collaborate. This post prompted me to think about my own experience personally as well as that of developing leaders.

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