A thriving, agile organisation is one where people bring their best. From this foundation, LTA creates lasting change.

We work with organisations to ensure the right culture, capability and connection to deliver faster, better and stronger organisational performance. To develop a shared understanding of how your organisation ticks. To identify and develop the key people inside your organisation and to build pathways that empower your people to connect and perform.

LTA expertise

Our deep expertise and technical rigour is our difference. Working with best practice tools and frameworks, research and professional partnerships, our customised approach to every organisation draws on deep knowledge.

LTA people

Our growth-oriented, collaborative team is consistently ‘in service’ to every organisation. Our client-focus enables us to listen and understand complex, underlying issues, to adapt to diverse needs, then design and customise a unique solution.

LTA results

Our outcomes are robust and consistent. LTA’s strategic solutions create not only enduring success, but also noticeable shifts in mindset, capability and engagement from individuals, teams, and leaders. Over the years this ongoing competitive advantage establishes thriving, enduring organisations.

LTA’s integrated culture, capability, leadership and talent approaches are clean and dynamic. We cut through complexity, create new insights and design working solutions that deliver outstanding, enduring results.

Create lasting change

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Develop a shared understanding of the why and how of your organisation.

Build unity and purpose; build culture. With expertise and insight, LTA works within complex organisational systems to build culture. We work with you to design strategic, streamlined and practical solutions to create long-term sustainability.

We define, align, and sustain organisational culture. More...


Identify and develop the key people in your organisation. Maximise potential to develop the next generation of leaders.

LTA’s tailored leadership and talent development programs build capability for your future success. We identify and develop the top talent needed to meet your challenges with a framework customised to fit your business strategy.

We find, grow and keep to unlock leadership potential. More...


Nothing is more powerful than connected teams and organisations. With clarity and commitment, set the groundwork for organisation-wide success.

Through intelligent organisation design, LTA builds pathways to empower your people to connect and perform. Our process reflects and reinforces the values of your organisation and builds trust while delivering high performance. More...

Case Study

Providing a common language for leadership

Leadership ‘wheel’ enables leaders to talk about, set expectations for and measure leadership effectively The... More...


The tools of leadership and talent development.

The tools of leadership, culture, and talent development

LTA use a range of psychometric tools to accelerate learning, development and change. Across our culture, capability,... More...

Action lab

Addressing the real issues of solving business problems.

Action Lab® addresses the real, thorny issue of solving business problems.

At Action Lab® a team of key employees solve an actual task of strategic importance to the business, and at the... More...

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Get to know our people and what they can do.

LTA draws upon the talents of a highly motivated and committed team. LTA people actively chose to work as specialists in their field. More...

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Debunking Leadership Presence

Presence is a common leadership development theme in executive coaching. I have often wondered why it comes up so frequently and why we struggle to define it adequately. What I have learnt through my coaching work is that rather than provide a precise definition, I ask the coachee and their line manager what they understand it to be. They invariably come up with a wide range of views. Their most common response is that presence equates to charisma.  And herein lies the problem in my opinion, charismatic people account for less than 5% of the population and their personality, charm and looks... More...